Tech-savvy students stuck in text-dominated schools: A summary of available research on student attitudes, perceptions, and behavior

This report summarizes available literature reporting student attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors when it comes to using digital technology, particularly for learning. The report is divided into two major sets of findings. The first set describes our nation’s increasingly tech-savvy students and the various ways in which they use computers and the Internet. The second outlines students’ frustrations with our nation’s still text-dominated schools as well as students’ ideas for how adult education policy and school designers could better meet their needs.

The report is available here.

The Activity

The activity exploring this report works at two levels. At one level, it lets us explore how our students learn, work, and play differently, largely because of technology.

At another level, we will explore several ways technology can support literacy across the curriculum, specifically helping the students process a reading. We'll use PowerPoint to summarize, and a blog to reflect and synthesize.

Phase 1: In small groups, we'll divide up Findings 1-8 and create PowerPoint slides to summarize each finding and to teach the rest of the group.

Phase 2: We'll all read findings 10, and 12-15. In small groups, we'll discuss several focus questions and respond on a blog.

(Finding 11 is about students wanting increased access to technology in school, and as part of a 1-to-1 initiative, students certainly have access.)
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