McMEL Workshop Materials

Mike Muir is director of the Maine Center for Meaningful Engaged Learning, Professor of Education at the University of Maine at Farmington, and Vice President for Development & Support for ResulTech Educational Services, an organization that does schools to motivate kids.. Each link contains resources for topics important to engaging students in learning (many are related to workshops I've conducted). You may download the resources to examine for informational purposes. You may share resources if appropriate credit is given.

Workshop Materials are also linked from each relevant resource page in this wiki.

Contact Mike with questions, but Mike is not currently doing workshops.

Frequent Workshops

- Motivating Underachievers (All related workshops or just the Overview Workshop)
- Doing 1to1 Right

Recent Workshps

- Motivating Students with Engaging Tasks
- Poverty and Discipline
- 1to1 Pedagogy: Disruptive Technology
- Models of Contemporary Learning
- What School Leaders Need to Know about Learning with Technology
- Making Learning Meaningful through Connections and Context
- Inviting Schools and Relationships
- The Millennials: Who are They and How Do They Learn?
- The Role of Leadership in Motivating Underachievers
- Classroom Management Strategies that Work - PDF of Presentation Slides
- Awesome Strategies for Teaching with Technology
- Maine's Learning with Laptop Initiative: Not Another Tech Buy

Other Workshops

- But How Am I Going To Teach With Technology?
- Enhancing Curriculum with Technology: Multimedia Production
- Planning Curriculum with Kids