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Wikipedia on Blogs

Article on Educational Blogging

"School safe" blogging sites

Class Blogmeister
Gaggle Net

Example of a classroom blog

Example of a student blog

Blogs by and for Educators

Educational Blogs - Blogs for Educators

Will Richardson

His book - the Must-Have book for blogging, wikis, RSS, podcasting, etc.
Article: Blogging and RSS — The "What's It?" and "How To" of Powerful New Web Tools for Educator
His blog - Weblogg-ed
His wiki about blogging (and his presentations)
Assessing Blog Posts
Blogging as Learning

Coming of Age: An introduction to the NEW world wide web.

Coming of Age is a free booklet that describes the use of some of the newer emerging web technologies such as blogs, podcasts, wikis, RSS and social tagging in Education. It features case studies and how-to articles by leading practitioners in the world of education.

The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog

Mike's Blogging Links

Blogging & Safety

Blocking blogs might be insufficient
Great Advice for Student Bloggers

This page has resources about working with Wikis

Learn more about wikis at Wikipedia

Help on working with your Wikispaces wiki