Schools to Motivate Kids

How do you reach hard to teach students? We’ve been creating schools to motivate kids, including at-risk, disaffected, and dropout youth. Come learn about the schools and the critical components of these successful programs. We’ll share lessons learned about true multiple pathways to graduation and helping all students succeed.

The Secret...

Focus on the Needs of Learners:
  • Making Learning Meaningful
  • Focus on Positive Relationships
  • Time as a Variable
  • Basic Skills Support
  • Data to Drive Learning


  • Schools to Motivate Kids - compacted version of presentation (PDF - 19MB - Nov09 version)
  • Schools to Motivate Kids - handout of presentation slides (PDF - 19MB - Nov09 version)
  • ResulTech Schools - handout of presentation slides (PDF - 35MB - Feb09 version)