Overview of Schools That Work

Schools are becoming more and more anxious about how they might meet the needs of all their students. But some schools have been very successful at raising attendance rates, lowering behavior referals and dropout rates, and increasing graduation and college matriculation rates. What do these schools do to be successful?

Overview of Successful Schools
What is a proven curriculum for alternative school students and students who have had a hard time learning in a traditional school setting?

Fires in the Bathroom
Advise for teachers from high school students. This was a project of the What Kids Can Do organization.

Successful Schools: From Research to Action Plans
Session notes from Dr. Willard R. Daggett's keynote (July 11, 2006). Lessons learned from studying schools that are relatively successful given their Socioeconomic level.

Examples of Successful Schools

Educational Video Center
The Educational Video Center is an alternative high school in New York City, whose curriculum revolves around documentary making. Through the process of documentary video production, EVC students learn valuable research, writing and reporting skills, enhancing their capacities for critical analysis and creative self-expression.

Central Park East Secondary School
This is the high school made famous by Deborah Meier's The Power of Their Ideas. She has transformed several elementary and high schools through what she calls "democratic education," involving the students and families in making these the kind of schools they want.

CART (The Center for Advanced Research and Technology) is a high tech school serving students from the Fresno and Clovis school districts. It's curriculum is organized around career labs

The Met & The Big Picture
Metropolitan Regional and Technical Center (commonly called simply The Met) is the brainchild of Dennis Littky and Elliot Washor. Littky formed the Big Picture Company to help promote schools that work for all students.