This page has resources to help you do Project-based Learning with Multimedia

Edutopia's Project-based Learning Page

Edutopia is a resource of the George Lucas Education Foundation with some of the best resources related to topics that positive impact education, including Project-based Learning, Technology Integration, and Assessment. Edutopia may not be a book, but it belongs in every teacher's professional library!
Project-based Learning Instructional Module
The Big List on Project Based Learning

Creating knowledge, not just retelling it.

"The New Plagiarism: Seven Antidotes to Prevent Highway Robbery in an Electronic Age" by Jamie MacKenzie.

California's Project-based Learning with Multimedia Site

Packed with great resources for teachers and lots of example of student projects.

Taking It Gobal

TIG ed

Skowhegan (ME) Area Middle School's Technology Resource Page

An awesome collection of resources for teachers doing projects with technology

The Educational Video Center (EVC)

An alternative school in NYC, using documentary making as the vehicle for their curriculum

Maine Memory Network

Gets Maine's students working with local historical societies to electronically archive their primary resources. Allows students to handle and become familiar with documents about their area, learn to be archivists, and then be able to access the resources electronically in the future.

Examples of Student Projects

From California
From Skowhegan (ME)
State of Maine from a Kid's Point of View

Teacher Resources, including Guide Sheets

From Skowhegan (ME)
Mike's PowerPoint Help Sheets
From California
Youth Powered Video - from EVC