Resources and Workshops related to

Motivating Underachieving Students and

Meaningful Engaged Learning

Are you frustrated at the challenge of working with underachieving and unmotivated students? What motivates them to learn? What can we do to improve the situation? These resources explore what does motivate underachievers, and some concrete actions teachers can take to improve learning for every student.

Workshop Resources

- Motivating Underachievers - PDF of presentation slides
- Motiavating Underachievers - enhanced podcast (m4a - 33.3 MB - about 70 minutes)
Note: "Download" seems to do better than "Streaming"

- Motivating Underachievers Workshop Handout - PDF (meant to be printed back to back and folded in half)
- Motivating Underachievers Notetaking Page - PDF

Resources for School Leaders

- Schools We Need School Model
- Schools We Need Classroom Observation Form
- "Using Data to Help Shift Paradigms" a blog entry briefly describing the Model & Classroom Observation Form

Additional Resources

- What Gets in the Way for Underachievers? - online article
- How People Learn: A Paradox - online article
- What Motivates Underachieving Students to Learn? - An article summarizing what underachieving students themselves believe motivate them to learn.
- What Motivates Underachieving Students to Learn? - A Dissertation Study (HTML version) (PDF - 640 KB)
- Characteristics of Good Learning Experiences: Shining Moments
- Scenarios for Active Learning

The Meaningful Engaged Learning Model

9 Essential Elements

A Model for Meaningful Engaged Learning - PDF


- Relationships & School Climate
- Helping Kids Succeed


- Hands-on Active Work
- Variety & Learning Styles


- Make Interesting
- Give Choices
- Avoid Rewards


- Connections
- Context