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Motivating Underachievers - Reaching All Students

One of the largest challenges facing schools and educators today is how to reach all students. Reaching every child is not a challenge simply because of federal policy. This issue transcends No Child Left Behind. The economy has changed and we need all students to learn to high standards so they can go on to college and productively join the workforce.

Schools are working hard to learn how to accomplish this.

Pieces of the Puzzle

- Overview of Motivating Underachievers
- Academy School: a School to Motivate Students
- Leadership's Role in Reaching All Students
- Schools That Work!
- Inviting Relationships & School Climate
- Poverty & Discipline
- Connections & Context: Making Instruction Engaging
- Make it Interesting!
- Differentiated Instruction
- Motivating Students with Engaging Tasks
- The Millenials: Who are They and How Do They Learn?
- Planning Curriculum with Kids