Motivating Students with Engaging Tasks (including Webquests!)

Engaging Tasks Presentation - PDF

Engaging Tasks Hand Out - PDF

A Matrix of Teacher Created WebQuests

A terrific selection of juried WebQuests created by educators. Click on "Top" to get to the top rated WebQuests.

WebQuest Readings and Training Materials from Bernie Dodge

A top notch collection of resources.

Tom March's WebQuest Page

The best resources by the other developer of the WebQuest concept!

A Taskonomy of WebQuest Tasks

Online article descibing 13 different kinds of engaging tasks. Lots of examples and tips. Based on the work of Bernie Dodge.

Jamie McKenzie's site looking at essential questions, the research cycle, and engaging tasks. Has links to lots of articles. Check out the Module Maker to learn how to build your own online research modules.