Doing 1to1 Right - The 6 Components of Success

Implementing 1-to-1 learning with technology initiatives is much more complex than simply distributing computers to students and teachers. Based on the learnings of Maine and other initiatives, these resources explore the two critical components, and four necessary but supportive components of successful initiatives.

Educators need a systems view of doing 1to1 successfully in schools.

MLTI has identified leadership as the single most important factor to the success of the implementation of a learning with laptop initiative. Educators who have successfully implemented 1to1 learning with laptop initiatives know how the vision and expectations, set by the principal and project leadership team, set the tone of the project and are critical for teachers to effectively begin to integrate the technology into their teaching and the students' learning.

If leadership directly impacts the overall success of the initiative, then teacher practices is the most critical component to the initiative's impact on students. Educators should develop an understanding of the nuances of using technology in classrooms, including the challenges to technology integration, approaches to using technology, making teaching with technology engaging, and classroom management. Effective 1to1 educators know several specific strategies for teaching with technology, including social networking, personal broadcasting, project-based learning with multimedia, inquiry, online content and tools, digital storytelling, and simulations and modeling.

In addition, there are four supportive but necessary components, including the following: Professional Development (lessons learned on successful professional development, getting teachers started, technology integrators, and the human network); Technology Access and Support (the role of the technology coordinator; hardware, software, and the network; maintenance and repair; and involving students); Partners who can help with the success of a program (implementation partners, community partners, cheerleading partners, pedagogical partners, and funding partners); and Strategies for creating sustainable funding to start and continue a learning with laptop program.

Doing 1to1 Success Model - PDF

Doing 1to1 Right Presentation - PDF without video clips (22.3 MB)
Doing 1to1 Right Presentation - PDF - 4 Slides to a Page handout (9.9 MB)
Podcast of Doing 1to1 Right - Recorded at the National Educational Computing Conference in Atlanta, June 2007

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Academy School: a 1to1 Program to Motivate Underachievers - Interactive web site with resources for teachers. THE place to start when wanting to learn about MLTI.
The Maine Learning with Laptop Studies - Research & Evaluation of MLTI, plus the MLTI story.

Additional Resources

Doing 1to1 Right! - 6 components

- Teacher Practice
- Leadership
- Professional Development
- Technology Access & Support
- Partnerships
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Special Topic: Learning with Laptops
Provides some history of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative and then describes what MLTI project leaders consider to be the four keys to success: access, a focus on learning, leadership, and professional development in context.
Muir, M., Manchester, B., & Moulton J. (2005, Summer ). Special topic: learning with laptops. Educational Leadership, 62. Retrieved Sep 01, 2005.

The Power of One-to-One: Early Findings from the Maine Learning Technology Initiative
Examines the history and evolution of MLTI through the lens of several research and evaluation studies.
Muir, M., Knezek, G., & Christensen, R. (2004). The power of one-to-one: early findings from the Maine Learning Technology Initiative. Learning & Leading with Technology 32 (3), 6-11.
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