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Did You Know...?

"Did You Know...?" is a presentation that explores the direction the field of learning with technology is going. It also tries to explain some reasons why teaching with technology may be important, given how the world is different and how our students are different.

Download a PDF of the "Did You Know...?" presentation slides.

Download a podcast of "Did You Know...?" (coming soon)

Some of the ideas for theme and content of this presentation come from several sources:
  • David Warwick has proposed that we have to tell "The New Story" about how the world has changed.
  • This site contains many of the facts and their sources that are used in the presentation - also from David Warwick.
  • Karl Fisch did a presentation on Did You Know? based on David Warwick's work that has received some good attention in the blogosphere.
  • Here is the Oregonian article referred to in my "Did You Know...?" presentation.