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Inviting Relationships and School Climate

It may seem like it has nothing to do with academics or engaging students in learning, but positive relationships and a warm, inviting school climate are perhaps the most important element to implement if you are to reach hard to teach students. Much of the success of schools such as The Met and Central Park East is based on devoting significant time to this issue. My own research into motivating underachieving students shows that relationship was the most important motivator. Students in my study repeatedly said that they wouldn't learn from a teacher who didn't like them. And educators who have talked with dropouts about why they left school often hear those students say that no teacher knew them, nor understood them.

Workshop Resources

- Inviting Schools and Relationships - PDF of Presentation Slides
- Inviting Schools Activity Sheet - PDF
- Letting Students Help You Improve the School
- Understanding Student Behavior form - PDF
- Poverty & Discipline
- Classroom Management that Works - PDF of Presentation Slides

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